ImpactHouse Launches Virtual Newsroom for Girls’ Education

Abuja – 09 July, 2024

ImpactHouse is thrilled to announce the launch of Virtual Newsroom for Girls’ Education – a civil society-backed advocacy engine room for journalists in Nigeria.

Facilitated by seasoned civil society leaders and development journalists, this collaborative platform is designed to drive critical advocacy for improved gender-responsive education sector planning (GRESP) in Nigeria.

Through this virtual newsroom, our Change Reporting 2.0 Media Fellows will be provided with in-depth analyses, data-driven resources, and expert commentary to track and report on GRESP-related issues in Adamawa, Akwa Ibom, Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, Kano, Kaduna, Oyo, and Sokoto.

These journalists would also have access to exclusive briefings, interviews with high-level education stakeholders, and networking opportunities tailored to deepen their understanding of the issues and opportunities surrounding GRESP in the target states. 

The virtual newsroom will address a spectrum of topics crucial to advancing girls’ education in Nigeria, including access to quality education, gender-based barriers, the integration of gender perspectives into education sector planning, and how gender inequity impacts education outcomes’, said the ImpactHouse Executive Director, John Andah.

By providing journalists with the essential resources to aid their reporting, we can drive greater awareness and action towards ensuring that every girl in Nigeria has access to quality education’.

ImpactHouse is implementing the 10-month media fellowship on GRESP in partnership with System Strategy and Policy Lab (SSPL). 




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