ImpactHouse Centre for Development Communication plans to launch Sauti Ukweli


ImpactHouse Centre for Development Communication is delighted to announce that it is set to Launch its satirical character ca Sauti Ukweli. 

The character is described as the only Professor of Political Sense from the Street University of Nigeria and the people’s voice of truth from the Nigerian tribe of Africa. Sauti Ukweli is a Swahili name which means the sound of truth. 

One of the remarkable developments of the 21st century is the global boom in communication tools driven by a social consciousness to enhance human and social interactions. For Nigeria, although this advancement has propelled diverse shifts in processes, policies and programmes across various sectors, analysis by ImpactHouse Centre for Development Communication (ImpactHouseCfDC) has traced the rather slow conversion of this technological gain in the quality of citizens’ participation and/or overall sociopolitical development to a dearth in development communication

Therefore, ImpactHouse CfDC has conceptualised development communication in Africa to centre on the structure of information flow and media messages, the use of communication channels and the quality of understanding and acceptance of messaging for sustainability of democratisation and sociopolitical and economic development. This has effectively led to the reexamination of simplicity, role of social and new media in disseminating information, and agenda-setting process for effective citizens’ participation in the development and political process in Africa.

According to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Nigeria’s current broadband penetration as at June 2022 stands at 44.30%, with more than 84 million internet subscriptions in the country. “This had earlier increased from 77,605,500 million Nigerians connected to the Internet in April 2021, and up from 40,481,570 million in April 2017”, the NCC record read.

According to a recent survey report by the Africa Polling Institute (API) titled: Skit Economy: An Assessment of Digital Content Creators in Nigeria more than 120 million Nigerians watch skits!

‘ImpactHouse CfDC has essentially revolutionised development communication by offering data-driven analysis of development stories and key messaging in satirical skits,’ said Gift Ojima, operations manager, ImpactHouse CfDC. ‘This proven approach will galvanise public support and citizen participation. We are passionate and skilled at decoding messages and communicating effectively to the public for agenda setting.’

Citizen Sauti Ukweli will be officially unveiled in  2023. 

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