‘I Dey Japa’ – More Nigerians React to Tinubu’s Win

Many members of my community have been in a sour mood ever since the kingmakers announced Bola as the new community leader.

Just last week, we were all in high spirits, pumped up to go out and choose a new leader. The three major contenders for the kingship had their own groups of supporters who even created interesting nicknames for themselves – ‘Obidients’, ‘Articulated’ and ‘BATified’.

When the winner was announced, both the Obidients and Articulated were left in a world of sadness, frustration and anger. Meanwhile, the BATified punched the air, rightfully, for obvious reason.

Now, more supporters in my community want to ‘japa’ to another community in the hope of better conditions.

Honestly, the conditions in my community haven’t been the greatest and many were looking forward to choosing a leader that will improve the standards of living here.

But is ‘japa’ really the solution?

Despite the current challenges we face as a community and in our democracy, remember that we are forever ‘naijarians’.

Many Nigerians are understandably frustrated. But let’s not lose hope in this country.

Photo source: Nairametrics

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