‘Hope You Can Take Jokes’ – Nigerians React as DSS Joins Social Media

What comes to your mind when you hear that the spirits now live and walk among men? Lol.

Well, the secret police are now visible on the streets of social media in my community.

Reactions are still trailing this development as many wonder why the secret police entered the social media arena now that tension in my community is high, and young people find Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as places to rant and give each other woto-woto.

In fact, one tweep even summoned the courage to inform the secret police about how certain expressions are used on the platforms.

Although the secret police said it created social media accounts ‘to enhance public engagement’, my community members are still not convinced.

That is to show the state of mistrust between my people and our government. Some are even insinuating that the secret police plan to limit people’s freedom of speech.

Nigerians can read different meanings to things, ehn.

Iya Barakat has even seized her adolescent daughter’s phone because the fear of the secret police is the beginning of deleting tweets. Mama no wan hear stories that touch.

But what if Iya Barakat and several other community members are wrong about the DSS, also known as SSS? Yes, I had to find a way to mention their ogbonge name with my full chest. Lol.

One of the functions of the DSS is to prevent and detect any crime against the internal security of Nigeria.

It also has the responsibility to prevent, detect, and investigate threats of espionage, subversion, sabotage, terrorism, separatist agitations, inter-group conflicts, economic crimes of national security dimension and threats to law and order.

The secret police now have to prove my community members wrong by ensuring that everyone is well-engaged on social media.

Las, las, if you don’t want to ‘collect’, be a law-abiding community member. Blocking the secret police will not help you o! Just ensure that you check and double-check every post before sharing to avoid spreading misinformation and disinformation.

Finally, my brethren, don’t use freedom of speech as an excuse to open your mouth ‘waaah’! Mind what you post and do so responsibly.

Photo source: The Guardian

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