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Political campaigns for the 2023 National Elections commenced on September 28 2022 for the Presidential & National Assembly category and October 12 2022 for the Governorship and State Houses of Assembly and run through 24 February 2023. A sharp drop in commitment to Education was observed in the released Political Manifestos across major political parties. The campaign windows presented important opportunities to shape public opinion and the media and infuse into the national debates and conversation key issues around gender transformative education.

Working with the National Working Group on Basic & Secondary Education, we produced a 4-episode #EducationNOW9ja skit, to simplify the civil society manifesto on Education for the comprehension and action of everyday Nigeria. Thus increasing public demands for education commitments by political aspirants in the 2023 General Elections


Citizens were enlightened on the growing concern of the out of school children and the three main asks of the National Basic Education Coalition which are:

With this knowledge, the electorates were able to make informed decisions at the polls.

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