About Us

Our History

ImpactHouse is a nonprofit established in 2011 and incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria in 2021. Our organisation’s incorporation number is 162619, and it is currently headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria. We are a tech-driven nonprofit using data and storytelling to drive a uniform understanding of development messages in the areas of civic participation and good governance, gender equity and justice, education and human rights, and media and civil society development.

In 2013, we launched our pioneering approach to journalism and media for development (M4D) under the Development Diaries brand. We made that move as the traditional media had not done as much as was effective to accelerate the pace of development in Africa genuinely. This new model of journalism does not merely widen the press, it deepens it by offering existing media outlets new approaches to adopt as they adapt and contribute to accelerating the pace of development in Africa.

Also known as DD, Development Diaries proudly operates self-styled advocacy journalism, a genre of journalism that champions social aspirations often overlooked, and pushes for social change across the African continent. We focus on the impacts of policies and actions on individual communities and the environment rather than merely reporting events or statements.

We strive to engage and educate, by encouraging public dialogue and participation in governance, and empower the public with useful information – a fitting response to Africa’s myriad challenges.

Our thoroughly researched and compelling stories are written with the public interest in mind as we bring critical issues to light by promoting awareness and understanding, galvanising public opinion and prompting attention and action. We also provide context to African issues externally by combating stereotypes and simplistic narratives, offering a more nuanced view of the continent.

DD’s vision is to become Africa’s preferred news platform driving action for sustainable development, with a mission to promote awareness and understanding of pro-development ‘Asks’ in social, economic, and political issues across Africa, galvanising public opinion and prompting attention and action towards sustainable development.

Our other publishing platform, Pocabulary, leverages storytelling in promoting citizen understanding of politics, its game and dynamics. Pocabulary also seeks to check the effects of political propaganda and fake news on public opinion. It aims to be the premier tool for digital listening, trend monitoring and rumor management across social media and instant messaging platforms, promoting citizen interest and non-partisan meaning-making with respect to political statements and socio-economic issues.